How to Train for Heavy Carries

If you’re training for a Spartan Race or Battlefrog Race, you’ll need to practice the heavy carries.  Things like sandbags, jerry cans, buckets full of gravel, and logs are typical staples of these challenging obstacle courses.  Even basic mud runs will occasionally feature tires to carry, flip, or drag.  Carrying heavy stuff, plus running in between, is best way to prepare for any of these strength based obstacles.  In this video, Joel Getty demonstrates some hill climbs lugging 56 lb water jugs (each).  Remember to stand tall, lift with your knees, and repeat multiple times.  Track your time for each circuit and try to improve with each climb.  Repeat 5 to 10 circuits.  Also, you can try carrying one jug, to help simulate single jug carries that require different grips, holds, and balance.  Enjoy!