Spartan Up! The Podcast Launches Today

Joe DeSena spent the summer of 2014 flying around the world, supporting and growing Spartan Race, but also interviewing some of the most interesting people in the world for his new show Spartan Up! The Podcast. For his book of the same name, the Spartan CEO outlined his story and his theory on how to live the Spartan life. In this new Podcast, Joe challenges that theory by exploring the lives of successful people, how they define success, and how they got there.  Do they live the Spartan life, or did they do it another way?  Find out the answers from ultra-successful business moguls like Richard Branson, to more behind-the-scenes heroes like the Navy Seal who shot Osama Bin Laden.  Watch Episode Zero above to get a good intro to the first 100 episodes (already recorded!), then check out the other episodes (first five up as of 1/6/15) on YouTubeiTunes, Stitcher, or direct download from their website.

After just listening to the intro, I can say I’m pretty excited to listen to (or watch) the coming episodes.  It doesn’t sound like Spartan UP! will be too OCR specific, as none of the first few interviewees are into Obstacle Racing (except triathlete/entrepreneur Ben Greenfield).  Many mud run/ocr-centric podcasts have come and gone, but with 100 episodes already recorded, it will be at the very least, consistent (Thanks to Matty B. for keeping the ORM podcast rolling out weekly).  Spartan UP! promises to deliver more of an exploration in lifestyle, success, and resiliency, than a roll in the mud, so if you are looking for more interviews with Hunter, Amelia, the Bear, or Ryan, this one is probably not for you.  If you like popular health/lifestyle/success podcasts like The Bulletproof Executive and The Art of Greatness, you’ll probably like watching/listening to Joe and his team.  Go check it out!

Also, Stay tuned for my next interview with Joe DeSena where we’ll wrap up 2014, talk about the new podcast, and I’ll even ask him some of the tough questions like:  Why doesn’t Spartan play nice with others (OCRWC)? What happened to the governing body they promised us? And, when will we see more short course action?