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Vermont is Part of the Spartan Triple Crown

2013 Reebok Spartan Race World Championship Men’s Winners

Spartan Race recently released details of the Triple Crown prize breakouts to ION exclusively, including total prize money, and other details that should answer many of your questions.  Since announcing their Triple Crown Series back in July, Spartan Race and Reebok have been holding onto details of where the promised $500,000 would go.  Another update at the end of August added new information about the Texas Team Championship, but not much else, and you can see the full press release below.  Now we’ll try to answer the burning questions you’ve all had since the announcement.

1. Will the $500,000 be awarded all at once or spread out over the events?

Spread Out – The total prize breakouts will be spread between the Vermont Championship $250K, Age Group Championships $43,800 (East: SC Beast and West: Sacramento Super), Texas Team Championships $30,800, 2014 Elite Points Series $42K, and finally the Triple Crown itself totaling a possible $82,000.  It’s true, that doesn’t add up to $500,000, but the remainder is made up of season passes, event passes, and other prizes (remember the Xplore tablet last year?)  We’ll list prize breakouts for each event in future posts.

2. Do I need to register for the Triple Crown specifically?

No.  Every elite racer who finishes three of the four required events (VT WC, either SC Beast OR Sacramento Super, and TX Team) will be eligible for the Triple Crown Prizes.  Sign up for any of the events here.

3. How do I win the Triple Crown?Spartan Triple Crown Series

This is where it gets a little tricky, but not impossible.  Cash prizes are awarded to the top three Male and top three Female points winners only.  Take the place that you finished for each race and add the three numbers together.  (Example: Three first places would be 1+1+1=3)  This number is your Placement Score.  Lowest Score wins.  To calculate your payment, subtract that number from 18.  (Example: 1+1+1=3 now 18-3=15)  Multiply the final number by $1000 and you have your cash prize.  So in the example given, the Triple Crown winners if they were number one in every event would get $15,000 male and female.  The most money a second place person could be awarded would be $14,000 because they could get 2nd in VT, 1st in the opposing October race, and be on the same 1st place team as the VT winner and still get 14 points (18 – (2+1+1)=14)  Now, you can imagine all kinds of scenarios, but just keep going back to the math, because it will all be figured out and prizes awarded at the Texas Beast on November 1st.

4. So what’s the most an elite Spartan could win during the Triple Crown Series?

Let’s imagine 1st place in every race.  $15,000 for the World Championship, plus $2,000 in SC or CA, plus $2,000 (per team member=$8k total) for TX Team, and $15,000 for the Triple Crown Prize = $34,000 Total Possible for a male AND a female.  That’s a pretty serious payday for six weeks of racing and it’s definitely enough to live off of if you train full-time and live a Spartan lifestyle.  This doesn’t include other races during that time period like the UltraBeast, the new World Championship Short Course Exhibition Race, and the Elite Points Series.  Win all of those and you could take home an extra $9,000.

Questions and Comments?

Enter your questions and comments below, on facebook, or twitter.  We’ll do the best we can to explain and below you can read the original press release.  Ready to register?  Click here for Spartan’s Official Triple Crown webpage.


 Four events, one Triple Crown Championship and over $500,000 in prize money and awards 

BOSTON (Aug. 20, 2014) Never satisfied with the same old thing and always looking to advance the sport of obstacle racing, Spartan Race is changing the face of the sport once again in an effort to find the world’s fittest athletes.  The 2014 Spartan Race Triple Crown is the first-ever obstacle racing championship series of its kind. Racers will battle it out at three of four Reebok Spartan Race events this fall. The series features the world’s best obstacle racers and athletes competing for over $500,000 in prize money and awards.

“We have some of the world’s top athletes competing in our races where a mix of obstacles and terrain test their physical strength and mental resolve,” said Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena.  “We are kicking it up a notch by giving these athletes an opportunity to ‘compete and repeat’ to prove their dominance in the sport.”

In order to be eligible, racers must kick off their Triple Crown challenge by competing in the Killington, VT, Reebok Spartan World Championship, September 20, 2014, and finish with the first-ever Team Championship in Dallas, Texas, November 1, 2014. Competitors must round out their Triple Crown by competing in either the South Carolina Reebok Spartan Race Beast, or the Sacramento Reebok Spartan Race Super, both on October 25, 2014.

The 2014 Reebok Spartan Race Team Championship held in Texas will be the first-ever team-racing event for Reebok Spartan Race. Teams of four men and four women will compete on a 13+mile obstacle course featuring specially designed obstacles requiring them to work together to succeed.

The Triple Crown promises to be a memorable experience for racers and spectators alike featuring competitors from across the globe. Athletes from as far away as Australia and Slovakia will compete against local favorites like Hunter McIntyre, Cody Moat, Matt “The Bear” Novakovich, Amelia Boone and more.

The Reebok Spartan Race Triple Crown $500,000 prize purse will be awarded in Texas to the top Elite Men and Women who have the best cumulative performance over the three races.

Triple Crown Series

Photo Courtesy of Spartan Race