Reebok Spartan Race Announces European Championship

European Spartan Race Championships

2014 European Spartan Race Championships Held in Spain 9/27/14

In a press release yesterday Spartan Race announced Barcelona, Spain as the host of the first ever European Championship.  Taking place only one week after their World Championship in Killington, VT, Spartan has set the bar high with another Beast for their European racers, and if that weren’t enough, you can earn your entire Trifecta in that one weekend.  The prize money is pretty good at 13,500 Euros (about $17,500 US Dollars for us Yanks) with first place male and female taking home 3,750 EUR (around $4800 USD), which is not as much as the WC purse, but more than a regular Beast.

Spartan continues to up the prize money and championship races this fall with the creation of the new-for-2014 Triple Crown.  The Triple Crown includes $500,000 in total prizes starting with the Vermont World Championship Beast on Sept. 20th, the South Carolina Beast OR Sacramento Super on October 25th, and finishing up at the Texas Team Championship (Beast Distance) on November 1st.  The New European Championship will not be included in the Triple Crown, but the date does allow elite racer who plan on traveling back and forth, more opportunities to win prize money and raise their profile.

Another interesting aspect of the European Championship will be it’s traveling nature, in which the race will be held in a new country around Europe each year.  There could be a very interesting partnership with the Tough Guy venue in the UK to hold a European Spartan Championship in England next year and give a big middle finger to Tough Mudder.  Either way, Europe is ripe for OCR expansion and Spartan Race seems to be the most ambitious.  Will they divide and conquer or start acquiring established races like the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Race which has dominated Germany since 2006 and already expanded to other nearby countries?  When asked, Joe DeSena, Spartan CEO said, “We are blazing our own trail… Spartans are strong enough to do this!” Lastly, Joe confirmed that with the addition of this European Championship will we see more Regional Championships like North American, South American and AustraliAsian Championships in the future.

Read the full press releas below:

Spartan European Championships

Spartan Continues to Expand Globally


Sept. 27, 2014  

Prize purse of over 13,500 Euros for top 3 male and female finishers

BARCELONA, Spain (September 9, 2014)If participating in the toughest obstacle race in the world (according to Outside magazine) weren’t enough, there’s another motivation for Reebok Spartan Race Beast competitors on 27th September 2014. On that date Barcelona will host the European Championship for the Beast distance (over 20 km, 25+ obstacles). Each year the Reebok Spartan Race European Championship will rotate to different cities, with Spain being its inaugural host city.

Besides being recognized as winners, the top three Elite Heat finishers, both male and female, will split a prize purse worth 13,500 Euros – that’s first place of 3,750 Euros, second place wins 2,000 Euros, and third place finishers receive 1,000 Euros. 

There are no age limitations when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Age group winners will also be recognized as Reebok Spartan Race European Champions. As the only obstacle race with world rankings, Reebok Spartan Race finishers will be able to compare their results with Spartans around the globe. Currently, Reebok Spartan Race is in nine European countries and seven non-European countries.

The Barcelona event, to be held 27th and 28th September, will also provide an opportunity for Spartans to achieve the Trifecta medal in one weekend, as Beast, Super and Sprint length races will be held on the spectacular Les Comes venue with its 518 hectares of land and more than 60 km of forest tracks in Suria, Spain. There will also be a Spartan Juniors race to provide kids ages four through 13 with their first taste of obstacle racing.  

To register for the Spartan Beast European Championships (and all Spartan distances) log onto For more information:

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